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Sister Mary Peter Martin entered the Daughters of St. Paul from Youngstown, Ohio.
Missioned in Alaska, Hawaii, Texas various East Coast assignments, Sister currently forms part of the Pauline Books Sales team. She spreads the Good News through daily Facebook entries, her blog and via Pauline Newsletters.
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The First Time I Met Mother Thecla

The First Time I Met Mother Thecla

This coming Sunday, February 5th, we Daughters of St. Paul recall in a special way, Mother Thecla Merlo, our beloved Co-Foundress and first Mother General. Without Mother Thecla we would not be what we are today. There is a song that we sing for anniversaries and even for funerals. The words are, “You are ever a part of our lives. All the good that you do will live on in our hearts.” The good that Mother Thecla accomplished lives on in us her daughters and through all our f...
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