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Eucharistic Adoration for the Feast of the Divine Master

Eucharistic Adoration for the Feast of the Divine Master

Again we come together as the Pauline Family to celebrate our most important feast, the feast of Jesus Master, Way, Truth and Life, a feast so love by our founding Father, Blessed James Alberione, whose desire was that it be extended by the Church to be celebrated by all the people of God. He has left us as testament and inheritance the task of deepening ourselves in this devotion so as to be able to communicate it to the world. We are reminded of this by the imposing picture at the entrance to the temple of St. Paul in Alba (the cradle of our Pauline Family) with the inscription: “Live and communicate to all the world Jesus Master, Way, and Truth and Life.” As a matter of fact, all our spirituality turns around this devotion, so much so that the other devotions we have tend to direct to the Divine Master. So it is only proper that we gather joyfully and gratefully to celebrate this feast and to spend a few hours together as the brothers and sisters that we are.

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