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Pauline Studies and Research
What's a characteristic particular to the Pauline Charism?

The Pauline life is built on a progressive journey from the upright person to the heights of allowing Christ to live, think, act, and love in us. This is a global and gradual journey of fidelity whose purpose is to help the Pauline embrace, develop and witness to our specific vocation in the Church and world: to live Christ and to announce him with all the means of social communication so as to respond to humanity's "longings for salvation."

Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles:
Model of Proclaiming the Gospel

Summary of a conference by
Fr. Rafael Castaneda, ssp



Considered from the perspective of the spirit that animated it, the various aspects of Paul’s work formed a perfect unity inasmuch as his mission consisted of service of the Living God to the exclusion of all else. Prior to the Damascus event, this mission was characterized by zealous service of the Law of Moses (a zeal worthy of imitation); afterward, it was characterized by fervor for Christ and his Gospel, because under the noonday sky of Damascus Paul was “seized” by God and set apart to carry out a unique mission.

The generous and singleminded dedication to God which he displayed prior to Damascus did not change in nature or object, but simply in direction.

However, if we consider the way in which Paul manifested his dedication, then his work was very complex, reflecting the life of a person constantly on the move. He maintained this style of life for about 20 years (from circa 45 A.D. up to his death), always on the go as a result of his insatiable need to evangelize as many people as possible.

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