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What We Do
"The Cooperators are persons who have the sense of Christ, who have broader Christian instruction, ... who have zeal and think of the good of souls; they are those who see in the Pauline Family an initiative, a religious organization that ... wants to give Jesus Christ to the world with the modern means; press, cinema, radio, television..."
(San Paolo Magazine, March 1957)

What Do Cooperators Do?

Pauline laity have flexibility to decide how they will cooperate with their professed sisters and brothers in the Pauline mission. While they do not vow obedience or work under a superior, they keep their eye on St. Paul and insert themselves into the world.

As communicators, Pauline Cooperators do all of the following, and more: write books and pamphlets; edit manuscripts; create brochures, signs, and fliers; design websites and advertising media; maintain blogs and social networking sites; translate; conduct media workshops, cinema divina and film nights; plan liturgies; conduct prayer vigils; testify in legislative debates; write articles for newspapers and journals; and otherwise participate in every aspect of civic life and Christian ministry.

 Cooperators also work alongside professed Paulines and are well-known as lay men and women who can are willing to "pitch in and get the job done." They contribute financial and material means so that the religious branches of the Family can continue the work of media production, dissemination of books, DVDs and magazines, response to vocations, etc.

Ongoing activities of Pauline Cooperators include:
  • Assisting in Pauline Media Centers to help diffuse books, magazines, CDs, DVDs, etc
  • Designing and presenting instruction in media literacy 
  • Giving presentations and talks about the Pauline Family and its charism 
  • Attending annual Cooperator retreats and conferences 
  • Promoting World Youth Day within parishes 
  • Preparing and celebrating, World Day of Social Communication 
  • Promoting Gospel Days, Bible Weeks, Days of Pauline Spirituality 
  • Promoting work for vocations 
  • Supporting the production, distribution and showing of the Blessed Alberione film project 

We can say, then, that the Mission of the Association of Pauline Cooperators (APC) is to expand the operation of the Pauline Family under the guidance of the Holy Spirit and in keeping with the Pauline charism. 
Interested in Becoming a Pauline Cooperator?

Contact the Daughters of St. Paul by email or phone or by visiting one of our Pauline Books & Media Centers throughout the province.




"The Cooperators work in the environment in which they live (work, parish, diocese, social and religious realities); the ways of working shall be taken in communion with the persons responsible for them, the delegates and the Pauline Institute with which they refer; they shall bring to reality the Founder's apostolic project in manners that are more consonant to the environmental reality in which they work."
(Pauline Family Unitary Project)
"We are called to follow a path which entails mutual acceptance, trust in relation to the values and traditions of other people, in order to establish a dialogue of life and of heart in which daily experience becomes the 'setting' for a mutual exchange which enriches all."  
(The Pauline Family Unitary Project)